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2009 Los Angeles Area Activities

List of partner organizations/businesses/institutions
(significant collaborators with whom money, time, and/or other resources are shared):



Black Infant Health Projects, Los Angeles


Target population: pregnant, breast feeding and parenting women and their families

Nutrition Education Class focused on health eating for family members including children and adults.

World Kidney Day Forum sponsored by Charles Drew University and University of California Los Angeles


Target population: patients living with kidney disease; health care professionals and community residents.

“Nutrition in Health and Disease”

1.      Identify healthy food options for prevention and treatment of chronic diseases i.e. diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

2.      Identify and utilize nutrition information on food packages as tools in planning healthy food options.

3.      Plan healthy meals that meet their daily nutritional intake recommendations.

Jenesse Center, Inc



Target population: domestic violence intervention program


Series of Nutrition Education Classes:

  • "Healthy eating choices-including cultural foods”

    "Food Label Reading when both cooking at home and eating outside of the home”

    Recycle, Reuse considerations while preparing meals for the family

  • “Physical activity exercises for family members. “

Los Angeles Urban League Head start/State Preschool


Target population: Families of children enrolled in program.

Nutrition Education Classes:

  • "Healthy eating choices- including cultural foods"

  • "Food Label Reading" when both cooking at home and eating outside the home
Project Access Health Fair

Target Group: Families and Seniors in residental housing
Interactive Nutrition Display:
  • Healthy eating choices-including cultural foods
  • "Food Label Reading" when cooking at home and when eating outside of the home
  • Measuring food portion sizes.
Solid Rock Baptist Church

Target Group: Adults
Baptist Church
  • Nutrition Education Class on "Food Label Reading" when both cooking at home and eating outside of the home.
  • Activity was undertaken as Partner for the American Diabetes Association's African American Programs.
6th Avenue Block Club

Target Group: Residents in a neighborhood of Inglewood, CA

  • Making Healthy Food Choices including dairy products, fruits and vegetables
  • "Food Label Reading" when both preparing food at home and eating meals outside of the home.
  • Exercises
United American Indian Involvement

Target Group: Natvie American Families and their children

Nutrition and physical activity classes (4 weeks at 2.5 hrs. each) for families and their children (under 18 years of age) focused on childhood obesity prevention.
Los Angeles Community Garden Council's 3rd Annual Gathering of Community Gardens

Target Group: Community Gardeners

Panel Presentation: "How Community Gardens in Los Angeles can improve how their neighborhoods eat?" Nutrition/ Registered Dietitian comments focused on:
  • Ensuring the cultural relevance of produce grown to the residents of the specific neighborhoods
  • Actively promoting the nutritional values of the produce grown in the gardens
  • Involvement of youth in the gardening projects as a way of continuing the legacy.