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“Small Family Farm Project”
Installment #12

January - February - March, 2016

 Wintertime provides hope that the spring flowers are not far behind. The Annual Arkansas Flower Show is a welcome chance to dream that all of the beautifulness of ‘Spring’ is just around the corner. See beautiful flowers from the show.

Bird of Paradise
Lily, Rose, Gladiolus

We began preparation for our new year by continuing to organizing the farm. The organizing is great but plans can be interrupted by thunderstorms, hail, wind and/or tornadoes. Winter activities (January through March) included:
  • planting seeds –onions, lettuce carrots, sweet corn
  • connecting with local Farmers Market,
  • attendance at 10 hour class for beginning farmers
  • ordering honeybees (pollinators)
  • testing of “well water” for bacterial safety
  • trimming Roses
The transition from Winter to Spring can be seen in the following photos of scenery on the farm.

Farm Scenery 1
Farm Scenery 2

Farm Scenery 3

Farm Scenery 4