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“Small Family Farm Project”
Installment #18

July, August, September 2017

The Weather; Deer Update; Marketing Outlet; Honors

The weather caught us off guard during the past 3 months. The usually hot and humid months of July and August were cooler than expected with lower humidity and rain. September stayed true to the tradition of hot, humid weather with no signs of rain. Even though there was a mixture of weather types, there was great produce and flower production during the quarter. See photos below

Cucumbers and Purple Hull Peas

Jalapenos, Okra and Tomatoes

Morning Glory


The update on the deer is that they have not yet jumped the new fence shown in last quarter’s blog. The deer continued to eat the blossoms of the cantaloupe; the melons failed to produce in large quantities. The jalapeno peppers survived the deer eating the blossoms; there was good production of peppers in spite of the deer invading them. The solution to keep the blossoms free from the deer invaders seems to be planting these specific plants behind the fencing.

The Everette Brown Farm has a new marketing outlet. It is
Look for us under the “Our Growers” tab

One of our pumpkins, weighing in at 14 pounds, won the “Grand Champion /1st prize at the Annual Conway County Fair (see photo above).