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“Small Family Farm Project”
Installment #4

January - March 31, 2014

An icy/snowy winter, gardening classes, preparing for Spring planting, Spring colors
The star of these past 3 months was the weather. There were a minimum of 3 ice and/ or snow storms. There may have been more but after living through all of them, I stopped counting. According to the local folks, it has been one of the most memorable set of storms than any other the past 30 years. Please look at the Photo Gallery for the Icy Scenes.

The first quarter of the year has been devoted to completing gardening classes and preparing the land for planting after the end of the last frost expected around mid-April.

Taking the gardening classes really gave me insights into growing plants and flowers in Arkansas. When asked what I had learned that will influence how I garden or help others learn to garden I provided the following response. “Relax and enjoy the experience. Successes and failures will occur but both will lead to great experiences in gardening.”

The land was plowed by a contractor to really break up the soil. The tiller used during the last planting season needed more help to break through soil that had not been plowed in over 20 years. There are photos of the plowed land which uncovered many rocks underground, guess these can be used for decoration. The recommendations from the soil tests that were taken during the fall of 2013 were implemented. Lime was added to the soil; the addition of nitrogen and potash will occur in April prior to planting flowers and plants. The lime should have been added either during last Fall or earlier this past Winter but getting a contractor to plow the land was a challenge especially with all of the weather changes.

See photos below:
    •    Newly plowed land
    •    Rocks uncovered during plowing
    •    Tool-tractor used to deeply till the land
    •    Tool-spreader(green in color) used to distribute the lime

A beautiful Spring season seems to be just around the corner. As April is set to begin its movement across the calendar, the March blossoms are showing their colors. Please see 3 photos from the farm scene:

    •    Plum trees in bloom
    •    Peach tree blossom
    •    Daffodils are everywhere!

For other Early Spring scenery, see 2014 Arkansas-Early Springtime (please connect to link.)