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“Small Family Farm Project”
Installment #9

April - May - June 2015
Weather, Spring in bloom, Everette Brown Farm LLC

The weather was very wet during this three month time period. Due to the continuous rain, we were unable to plant many crops because the ground was too wet to plow prior to planting crops. The pictures of our successful crops for April-June, 2015 will be shown in our next installment. We are now getting ready to see if we are able to plant and harvest vegetables before Winter arrives.

The wet weather did have a spectacular impact on the growth of the established flowers and vegetables. Please see photos that follow.

Bearded Iris
Collard Greens
First Strawberries
New Daffodils
New Rose Veterans Honor
Pink Roses and Collards in Bloom
Red Rose 2015

The second component of our “Small Family Farm” Project is now in place. The Everette Brown Farm LLC has been established as a limited liability company in the State of Arkansas. The name “Brown” is a reference to our grandfather who farmed this land from 1942-1956. Our current plans are to begin to grow produce for sale and provide donations to local food pantrys. Please see a picture of our new mobile home/office as it was towed onto the property on June 23, 2015.

Home June 2015

We are excited as our vision for working in the Arkansas farming community is becoming reality!