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Diary of an Urban Gardener


Installment: 3

June, 2010

Green Beans
Green Beans

During the month of June, some additional goodies were produced from the garden. The cabbages are doing better now that I sprinkled them with some worm removal dust. The new corn and watermelons that I planted from seeds are looking healthy. The Italian squash and green beans are plentiful so either I will share with others or I get to eat squash and green beans every day.  The carrots and the onions didn't produce very well so I will have to try another spot in the garden the
next time.

It's time to harvest more potatoes, the tops have turned brown, that means the growth period is complete. I'm still trying to get my sweet potatoes to produce some spuds (growths on the potato that look like small dots that are cut off and placed into the ground to start new plants).

"Salsa" made easy:

Tomatoes - onion - jalapeno peppers - garlic - lime juice
Cut up all of the ingredients and mix together in a blender.  You have just made fresh salsa from the garden.  Salsa can be made as you need it, but try to make it at least a few hours before service. This additional time will allow the flavors of the different vegetables the time to blend.