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The Los Angeles County Nutrition Quick Guide Find the Quick Guide by going to the website of the Nutrition Program Includes 5-A- Day Program (fruits/vegetables)
Women Infants and Children (WIC)
Supplemental Nutrition Program

Search for a WIC Local Agency by CITY, ZIP CODE, or AREA CODE.

Los Angeles County Cooperative Extension Includes all Los Angeles County Food/Nutrition Programs-Includes 5-A-Day Program (fruits/vegetables)
NetWork For A Healthy CA CPNS Contractor Listing, The California Nutrition Network for Healthy, Active Families. Contractor Listing is an annual compilation of all of the Network program manager funded projects that promote eating more fruits and vegetables, being physically active every day and participating in nutrition assistance programs.
LA Collaborative for Healthy, Active
Children website. This collaborative was formed to address the epidemic of overweight and unfit children in Los Angeles County

This is not a comprehensive list of Registered Dietitians (RD) in the Los Angeles area and inclusion does not represent endorsement by Community Nutrition Education Services, Inc. This listing is a voluntary response to an advertisement placed with the Los Angeles District of the California Dietetic Association. Please request the registration number from the RD and verify @


Registered Dietitian(RD)



Alhambra, CA

Kati Konersman, RD, CLC

  • Limited Private Counseling: Diabetes, Medical Nutrition Therapies.

  • Weekly column on Health and Nutrition in LA Opinion. Public Speaker on Nutrition and Health Topics.

  • (323) 605-4442 from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

  • Email/Web address:

  • Cash practice. Services provided on sliding scale occasionally.

  • 100 % Bilingual, English/ Spanish


Beverly Hills, CA

Susan Shapiro, PhD, MS, MS, RD, FADA

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy- Psychotherapy- Eating Disorders for Individuals (Teens and Adults), Couples, and Families

  • Contact Information: 8306 Wilshire Blvd., #1518 Beverly Hills, CA 90211. 310-659-7800. Phone is available 24/7. Calls returned w/in 24 hours.

  • Email/Web address:

  • Services: Most Medical Conditions (Gastrointestinal, Heart, Pregnancy, Endocrine, etc), depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, addictions, grief/mourning, and emotional eating/non-eating

  • People pay at the time of the visit; assistance with submission of insurance forms. Adjustment in payments is made once insurance payment is established.

  • Everyone pays the full first visit fee, but they may pay it in installments. The lowest fee is $85.00/hour.

  • English spoken. No weekend services, unless it is an emergency.


Burbank, CA


Ruth Frechman, MA, RD

  • On the Weigh- private practice covering nutrition counseling: weight loss, heart disease, diabetes, wellness, sports nutrition, older adult nutrition

  • Contact Information: 3316 W. Victory Blvd. #B Burbank, CA 91505.818 843-6628.

  • Email/Web address:

  • Cash practice - 20% discount for those without health insurance.

  • English spoken


Inglewood, CA


Mable Everette, DrPH, MPH, RD,FADA

  • Everette Consulting Nutrition Service: Home visits available
  • Services: Diabetes, Overweight/Obesity, High Cholesterol, Hypertension, HIV/AIDS, older adult nutrition

  • Certificate of Training Adult, Adolescent and Childhood Weight Management;

  • Contact Information: 110 S. La Brea Ave. #213, Inglewood, CA 90302; 310-672-6016;
  • Toll Free: 877-672-6016
  • Email address:
  • Part B Medicare Participating Provider For: Diabetes and Renal Insufficiency
  • English spoken; Spanish speaking interpreter available


Long Beach, CA

Jennie Moon, PhD, RD

  • EatWell Counseling/ Private Nutrition Counseling

  • Contact information: (562) 930-1907,
    day time, weekdays;
  • Services: Weight Management, Diabetes, Healthy Meals for Young Family; Medical Nutrition Therapy, Health Promotion Speaker for company

  • Medicare MNT Provider, Accepts Private Insurance

  • Accepts what client without insurance can afford

  • English, Korean, Spanish materials

Los Angeles, CA

Josephine C. Kannike-Martins, PhD, MS, RD

Medi-Cure Health Services, Inc.

  • Services Provided: School Child Nutrition Consultant, Community Nutrition Education Diabetes, Hypertension, Eating Disorders: Anorexia, bulimia other addictive compulsive behaviors. Certificate of Training Adult, Adolescent and Childhood Weight Management

  • Contact Info: Ph: 323- 295-1136; Fax: 323-295-1071

  • Email address:


  • Insurance: Aetna and other insurance accepted with MD referral

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) - Type 2 Diabetes, Renal Insufficiency-

(Part "B" Medicare Provider)

  • English spoken; Spanish speaking interpreter available

  • Home visits available


Los Angeles, CA


Doris Zerlin, MS, RD

  • Services Provided: Meal planning, weight loss/weight gain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, emotional eating, overeating, and more) and basic nutrition counseling for maintaining or improving one's overall health and well-being.

  • Contact information: (310) 709-2750.

  • Email/web address:

  • Cash practice

  • English spoken.


Marina Del Rey, CA

Sharon Tateishi, B.Sc., R.D.

  • Nutrition consultations for weight management, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, colitis/irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, food allergies/intolerances, diet for pregnancy/lactation, infant/toddler nutrition, neurological disorders, nutrition for seniors. Other services include group nutrition lectures, retirement seminars, shopping trips, health fairs.

  • Contact information: 4560 Admiralty Way, Suite 100, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292; Phone:310-822-3500   Fax: 310-822-3599

  • Email/web-address:

  • Cash practice

  • English and French spoken


Santa Monica, CA

Dorothy Bernet, MS, RD
      or Stacey Whittle, RD, CPT


  • Healthy by Design Nutrition Specialists. Individualized medical nutrition therapy, body composition testing, and supplementation assessment.

  • Contact information: 2225 Broadway, Suite E, Santa Monica, CA 90404; 310-828-6100;

  • Email/Web address:

  • Services: Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Oncology, Gastrointestinal, Metabolic Syndrome, Weight Loss, Kidney Disease, etc
  • Assist patients with insurance reimbursement

  • Sliding scale for patients without insurance

  • English spoken


On-Line Consulting Services


Melania Behrens, MA, RD

  • Provides online, personalized nutrition therapy/counseling for a wide variety of conditions and diseases.
    All services are provided exclusively by Registered Dietitians.

  • Contact Information: (714) 432-0380, best time to call is between 9:00 and 4:00 PM PST.



  • Email/Web address:


  • Services: Diabetes, Overweight/Obesity, High Cholesterol, Hypertension, IBS, GERD, Pediatrics, Kidney Disease, Food Allergies, Pre & Post Gastric Bypass, Pre & Post Lap Band, Celiac Disease, HIV/AIDS and General Healthy Eating

  • Services are paid for by individuals with a credit card or PayPal account. We are currently working with several medical groups and in the process of transitioning our outpatient practice to an online service.

  • English is the language utilized for all materials.

Note: Services may be provided by a number of Registered Dietitians. Each dietitian's educational background and certifications can be viewed on the website under 'Our Dietitians'. Additionally, there is a link to the CDR for any member to verify a dietitian's credentials.