links Community Nutrition Education Services
on-going programs

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1. Speakers for Community Events on Nutrition Topics

  • Programs for Children/Families-Head Start/Pre-School
  • After-School Programs
  • Programs for Adults-Community Groups
  • Service Clubs
  • Work Sites
  • Programs for Senior Citizens

2. Education/Mentoring Programs

  • Career Clubs at Junior and Senior High Schools.
  • Programs for Health Career Students attending
    high schools and colleges.
  • Mentoring program for community residents
    interested in careers in dietetics and nutrition.
3. Collaborative Community-Based Research
including Nutrition Topics
  • Collaborative Research with other community based
    organizations related to nutrition interventions.
  • Attitudes and knowledge surveys related to nutrition
    topics in conjunction with nutrition education classes.
  • Survey of restaurants related to the provision of healthy
    food options for community residents.
  • Survey of grocery stores regarding the availability of fresh
    fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and staple foods for
    community residents.